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Make informed decisions with quick access to reliable data

At Trestle, We Create Clear And Concise Financial, HR and Operational Reports Tailored To Your Organization.

Gone are the days of having to dig through a mess of files to find an old invoice, contract, or source document.

With our services, you’ll have the data you need at the click of a button, backed up by a team of experts to collaborate with.

Our Unique Approach

Exploring a partnership is as easy as four steps:

1. Introduction

Schedule a free 30-minute conversation with our President, Bryon. He’ll cover your immediate areas of need and your long term vision.

2. Assessment

We’ll do an assessment of your basic financials and process.

3. Plan

You’ll receive a workflow tailored to your unique needs. Our fees are calculated based on your annual revenue and staff count.

4. Impact

Focus on your organization’s mission, rather than on administrative headaches.


Once engaged, we create efficient systems to save organizations time and money. Our fees are calculated based on your annual revenue and staff count, and are tailored to your unique organization. For the price of one specialized in-house employee, you will get financial, human resources, and legal services expertise. Regardless of the size of your organization, we can work with you to customize fees during our assessment.

Emergency Consulting Services

Finances or HR in a pickle? We’re happy to address urgent issues like cashflow, grant compliance and audits. Don’t let letters from the IRS stress you out. Sign up for a free needs + pricing assessment to talk to us and get started on your solution.

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